The play was very well acted, the lighting was very well designed, costumes 
were appropriate. I will give you point by point my opinion below:

1) The script: Very modern and realistic though the folks living in America 
were shown to be too shallow. The script for the Indian setting was very 
nice, very genuine. The American setting could have been a little bit more 
fast paced and hectic. Their lives seemed very easy going while in America, 
we seem to juggle a lot of things and have, in the course of time,  
learnt to think and act with lightning speed, as if running a 
eternal rat race :-)

2) Sets: The Indian set was very well done and quite detached away from the 
American one. But having the two American sets so close to each other was 
confusing. You could have used the same setting, just added flowers, uncovered 
a bar for the second room - a bar that was a covered table or a book case 
in the first room. You could have removed or added furniture to change 
the room to another instead of having the room in front. The reason why 
it was confusing is because you did not create absolute darkness for the 
other room when the second room was on.

3) Your stage crew should wear all black to blend in the darkness when 
moving props and sets.

4) The airport sound was a little muffled but gave a nice effect. You could 
have brought in a real baby just once to give it a more realistic touch. The 
wife who was in America should have worn some American clothes to show 
contrast with the Indian counterpart.

Congratulations to all the actors and actresses. Excellent acting. Casting 
was excellent, everybody suited their roles.

Lighting was very well done. Looking forward to the next show.