- Productionwas very good.
- Party scene light back-and-forth: sometimes out of synch.
- End of party scene light design was good.
- Set was good. Especially the bringing in of the wing in the Calcutta 
- Audience identified with the play
- Isn't there a single good friend in US??
- Character buildup:
	  - Kolkata is better than US
		- Nandini - realistic
		- Nikhil - not well developed
		- Nikhil/Nandini - too grim, no smile
- Acting:
	  - Nikhil: had more scope
	  - Nandini: modulation bit monotonous, otherwise uninhibited 
		acting, gaits etc.  was good
	  - Partha: the character didn't come out at all
	  - Friends: too black-and-white
	  - Rita: became carricature of a typical character (kanna, goyna-r 
		shok aaro subtly handle kora jeto)
          - Jack: what's the purpose of the character?
          - Ramjyatha: Very good
          - Calcutta scenes better enacted compared to US scenes.
- Script:
	  - Story line: good
	  - Tension/conflict - highlighted, however the final resolution was 
            not well constructed (elaboration: resolution here is the 
            dramatic-resolution not the plot-resolution)
          - Nikhil charater lacks logic (turned 180 degree)
          - Script was very good, you should continue doing this. Consistent
          - USA goharan here gyachhe
          - Decision to go back was too emotional
          - Baba's problem on the back-burner, got overshadowed
          - Monologue slow

- Music
           - "let's call it a day" - the gong sounded jatra-like
           - very well timed
           - Introductory music not relevant
- Set
           - Very good