Best drama he has seen in the Bay area.

Excellent script. Inclusion of ram Jyatha was very well imagined.

Lighting was elaborate and probably it was not necessary (Naa korleo kono 
khati hoto naa). At the same time he also mentioned that he does not understand stage lighting very well.

Very good acting from almost everybody. Special mention to Sajid Bhai, Jhumur, 
Ram Jyathaa. Nikhil had more scope his posture could be improved. Nandini 
ported very realistic character and the actress did a very good job.

Direction: Execution of Last scene was very good. 

A few highly emotional moments to remember: Sajid bhai Bringing food to 
N&N, Jhumur trying to settle disputes between brothers and the Last scene.

Music design was very creative and appropriate.