How I liked the play: On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this play as 7.

What I liked about the play:
I liked the story, the thought behind and the message it conveyed
to the audience. It was very realistic specially the life in US,
the thoughts of contemporary society was well-put.

What you didn't like about the play
1)The scenes at Niloy's house was at times a bit slow
specially the chai-times with Jethamashai around.
2) Even the party time was at one point a bit slow.

Nandini's acting was extremely natural and realistic. More or
less the same with Nikhil's also. Their scenes didn't feel like
we were seeing a drama..felt more like reality.
Nikhil/Jhumur's scenes were not so realistic.
Rita(the lady to get jarawa set) was also very realistic..
portrayed contemporary typical lady-like attitude.
Partha's words were not clear at all times.
Jethamashai's acting didn't draw our minds.
A good actor is one who draws the audience towards him/her..
Nikhil and Nandini kept us engrossed with their words and
actions during their scenes.
Niloy stammered once.

What play I want to see from Enad:
Definitely another original play like this one.
A comedy.