The Set Plan

Last change: 09/16/02


UHAUL booking details :
9/19/2002 11:45 PM :
at Oakland Raod/Montague (408) 943-9191 )
Confirmation # 283947


11:15 AM : Nirapada reaches Swagata’s office and go to U-Haul location San Thomas/Oakland Rd. Rajkumar meets them there. @ 11:30 AM(latest)

11:45 PM : Rebanta, Saikat, Sambit @ Paramita’s place. Bring down the sofa/single  seater/chair

12:00 PM : Rajkumar/Swagato/Doyeli loads flats and all accessories from Rajkumar’s place. Also load bassinet, book case.

12:30 PM :Rajkumar/Swagato/Nirapada @ Paramita’s place, Saikat/Rebanta/Sambit loads the furnitures in U-HAUL. Saikat/Sambit/Rebanta headed to Cubberley.

1:15 PM : U-Haul @ Cubberley. Cubberley people will unload with our help

2:00 PM : Once unloaded, Nirapada goes back , returns U-Haul. Swagato gives Nirapada ride back to office and Nirapada comes back to Cubberley.

Saugato/Rebanta/Rajkumar starts set construction. Nirapada joins a little later.





9/21/2002 2:00 PM
at El Camino/Wolfe (next to Ipshita's apartment
complex: (408) 735-7060   )
Confirmation # 368584


2:00 PM : Suvro will pickup U-HAUL and arrive at Cubberley.

7:30 PM : After the show Cubberley people/ASHA helpers along with us load the stuff back in U-HAUL. Nirapada drives U-HAIL. Rebanta/Sougata/Sambit goes to Paramita’s place and unload the sofa etc.

8:30 PM : Saikat/Rajkumar/Mridul unloads flats etc. from U-Haul @ Rajkumar’s

9:00 PM : Nirapada returns U-Haul and Mridul gives him ride home