1. Cubberley(Coord: Saikat) 
   Who: Saikat, Rajkumar
   Deadline: TBD
   What needs to be done :  TBD
   Status: Saikat to pay Cubberley 1/3 in credit card

2. Ad campaign and speciality ad for tkt(Coord: Ipshita/
					Rajkumar(just for the ticket))
   Who: ALL
   Deadline: August 3, 2002 Saturday for Ad on ticket
                          Open for now (general ad)
   What needs to be done:
	1. Go thru the sponsor ask form sent by Ipshita
	2. Go and talk to at least two businesses a day
	3. Remember we are always ready to negotiate
	4. as soon as you see any positive indication try your
	   best to close the deal
	5. Update the team with names of businesses you have
	   already talked to
	6. If you don't know where to go let me know I can
	   provide you a list
	Here are the businesses Rajkumar has talked/talking to :
                New India Bazar
                Western Union
                Chat Cafe
                State Bank of India
		Bangla bazar (Done, Congrats!!)
		Lovely Sweets
		Krishna Chaat Cafe
		Hala B

		Chaat Paradise(grant rd + El camino)

3. Ticket printing(Coord:Sougata)
   Who: Sambit, Saugato, Rajkumar
   Deadline:  August 7 , 2002 Wednesday 
   What needs to be done:
	1. Prepare matter for ticket by 7/31(Amitava)
	2. Find out the most economical printing
	   method(Saugata/Rajkumar). Please let us know if you
	   have any idea. I am sure Amitava can give us some
   	   Amitava's input: 
		I used to design it in words in my computer. Cost $0.00
                Buy color paper from office depot : Cost $3.00 (100 sheet).
                Print it at office/home: Cost $0.00
                Cut it myself:Cost $0.00 (I have access to a cutting machine)
	3. Decide with Ad or without Ad (on Aug 3)
	4. Print tickets between 8/4-8/7(saugato)
   Status: TBD

4. Prepare and districute efliers(Coord:Paramita)
   Who: Sambit, Paramita, Ipshita
   Deadline: August 4 , 2002 Sunday 
   What needs to be done :

	1. Prepare matter for eFlier
	2. Take input from team if needed
	3. Identify distribution channels and distribute
	4. Distribution of eFliers is ofcourse everyones'

   Status: TBD
5. Post fliers at all possible stores(coord:Saugata/Nirapada)
   Who: ALL
   Deadline : August 4, 2002
   What needs to be done:
	1. Decide if the existing fliers are good enough. If
	   not create a new one with others help(if
	   needed)(Coordinator) by 7/27/02
	2. Take the printout and find businesses in your area
	   to post these
	3. Keep the team updated on stores you took care of
	4. Deadline Aug 4 means all possible stores/locations
                   should have a flier posted by that date.
   Status : TBD

6. Selling Tickets(Coord: Swagato/Nirapada)
   Who: ALL
   Deadline: Aug 8, 2002
   What needs to be done:
	1. Drive the ticket sales effort
	2. Distribute to members
	3. Identify any point of sale locations (e.g.
           Banglabazar) and coordinate
	4. Keep track of all sold and returned tickets
	5. Plan box office sale, pick up at hall etc.
	6. Prepare a final ticket sales account and coordinate
	   with finance team
   Status: TBD

7. Publicity on ASHA web page (Coord : Sougata)
   Who : Sougata
   Deadline : TBD
   What needs to be done 
	1. Coordinate with Saikat and Madhav
   Status : TBD